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Daydayshop Furniture:
It is located in the north east of Calgary (Bay 5, 3140 14 Ave NE,Calgary,between 28St and 33St)and has a convenient traffic, only 5 minute walk to "Canadian Tire". You can take C-Train to Marlborough station and then walk to there.
Address: Bay 5, 3140 14 Ave NE,Calgary, AB, T2A 6J4
Tel: 403-387-3387 (office)
Cell: 403-483-8328 / 587-839-9646
Business hour:
Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun : 11:00~ 17:00
Friday: 13:00~ 17:00, 11:00~ 17:00 (July and August, Summer time)
Tuesday: close